7 trains

Exceptional journey across Russia
on the Trans-Siberian Railway

Experience the diversity of Russia on the railway journey to 8 wonderful cities and discover the local culture, art and traditions.
14 days
To travel across thecountry from Moscow to Vladivostok and back
8 cities
Significant and well-known Russian sights and places
9288 km
Journey in a comfortable compartment on the longest railroad
in the World
7 time zones
To cross during our journey
Travel schedule
May, 10-23

The special program for May 8-9 dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory in World War II, can be organised by request

The detailed schedule will be available on February 16, 2020
May, 10
May, 10
Meeting at 13.00
City tour, dinner.
Departure to Kazan at 19.20 (13h)
May, 11
May, 11
Arrival at 7.50
Breakfast, city tour, lunch, free time, dinner.
Departure to Yekaterinburg at 20.00 (14h)
May, 12-13
May, 12-13
Arrival at 12.20
Check in a Hotel, lunch, city tour and trip to the Ural mountains, dinner.
Breakfast and tour to the Eltsin Center.
Departure to Novosibirsk at 12.15
May, 14
May, 14
Arrival at 11.50
Lunch and city tour, Academ Gorodok, dinner.
Departure to Krasnoyarsk at 20.40 (12,5h)
May, 15-16
May, 15-16
Arrival at 8.30
Breakfast, city tour, lunch, check in a Hotel, National Park Stolby, dinner
Breakfast, free time, lunch.
Departure to Irkutsk at 13.50 (18h)
May, 17-18
May, 17-18
Irkutsk & Baykal
Arrival at 8.30
Breakfast, city tour, road to Baykal, lunch, boat trip to KBJD, dinner.
Breakfast, Baykal museum, Cherskiy Stone, lunch, hiking, dinner.
Departure to Khabarovsk at 22.00 (2d 16h)
May, 21-22
May, 21-22
Arrival at 15.30
City tour, Amur river and China border, dinner in a Hotel
Breakfast, museum, free time, lunch.
Departure to Vladivostok at 16.40 (13,5h)
May, 23-24
May, 23-24
Arrival at 6.00
Breakfast and check in a Hotel, city tour, lunch, Russkiy island, bridge, dinner in the Hotel.
Breakfast and free time.
Departure to Moscow at 12.00 (8h)
May, 24
May, 24
Moscow (Sheremetievo)
Tour leaders
"You can never go wrong if you have a great team to work with"
Inspired by Academic mobility center
Slava Gorev
Founder of Business challenge (Бизнес Вызов)
He has made travel his profession and become a professional in it.

Since 2017 he has organized 10+ tours around the world: Sri Lanka, Portugal, Malta, Tanzania and Russia. In mountains and oceans, in big cities and small villages, in luxury villas and tents.

This trip is his vision of Russia. He wants to show Russia and offer its hospitality.
Maksim Orlov
Academic mobility center president
An expert in international relations, international communications and dialogue. Worked for the Russian Ministry of Education and Science and the UN youth working group on SDGs.

To his 25, he has organized more than 15 international youth events that brought together around five hundred people.

His expertise and professional approach provided the 7trains project with informal learning and educational tourism agenda, which will contribute to the journey output for every participant.
What you'll get
Our goal is to benefit our client through
high quality services
A four-bed compartment on trains and double occupancy in 3*-4* hotels
All passengers will receive a guaranteed medical insurance up to 30 000 EUR
Full board according to your diet requirements
Tour costs, educational materials
We like making people happy. We ask our clients about their birthday and prepare cool presents.
One year humanitarian (cultural) visa
SIM card with LTE
We care about our clients' time. Just call us — and we will help you with any question.
Additionally you can pay for:
- souvenirs and other personal expenses;
- single occupancy in hotels (optional);
- double occupancy on trains (optional)
Early bid prices until March 15, 2020
2790 EUR
2090 EUR
Without a return plane ticket from Vladivostok to Moscow
2290 EUR
With a return plane ticket from Vladivostok to Moscow
Additional options before and after our trip
500 EUR
390 EUR
Celebration of a Victory in WWII in Moscow, 8-9-10 of May
490 EUR
2 days in St. Petersburg 26-27-28 of May including Flight from Moscow
Conditions: advance payment is 990 EUR, the rest amount of money is to be paid before 01/04/2020
Get more information
- You will be contacted via e-mail for further preparation steps of your journey.
- We do not ask you to pay any amount before we have an agreement on all issues of your participation in this projects.
I am aware that Business Challenge, Academic mobility center and its partners process personal data of participants according to the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 from 27.4.2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and Act no.18/2018 Col. on Personal Data Protection as amended only in limited scope that is necessary for arrangement and provision of services connected with organisation of the project and its activities. All personal data provided to organisers are confidential and will be used for declared purposes only. I understand that personal data may be sent to any of participants to implement this project and give my consent to use it for such purposes.
Participants as data subjects have their rights guaranteed according to Art. 21, 22, 23, 24, 26 and 27 of Act no. 18/2018 Col. on Personal Data Protection as ammended.
- Organisers have the right to decline any application, if an applicant does not respond to e-mails for more than 3 working days;
- Organisers accept applications by participants from all over the world, which means that there are NO violation of human rights or discrimination on race, religion, gender, sex attitude, nationality, social status, etc.
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Academic mobility center
The project reveals the spirit and soul of the largest country in the world which attracts millions of people every year
Business Challenge
The project works all over the world and deals with kids, teens and adults
Who is eligible for the project?
We encourage international students aged 18-35 to apply, however, as it is a commercial program there are not any restricted eligibility criteria to be accepted
How to apply?
After you fill in the form above, you will be contacted by our specialists via e-mail. All instructions will be given personally to provide full range of opportunities for your comfort and excited trip to Russia
How much is it?
Until February 15, 2020 we have a special offer that costs 1990 EUR. As one of the project partner is non-governmental organisation, this sum only covers participants' expenses and do not benefit organisers financially.

Starting from February 16, 2020 the cost will be increased.

You may also advance your visit to Russia by traveling 2-3 days before the trip starts. On May 9, 2020 Russia celebrates its 75th Anniversary of the Victory in II World War that is worth to see. Be aware that this opportunity is optional and is not included in the price.

IMPORTANT! We do not ask you to pay in advance for any of services before we agree on all details and sign the official service agreement.
What is included?
The prices includes your accommodation, meals and route tickets on trains. Also, the medical insurance, visa costs and internet and phone connection are covered by the sum you pay.

Your travel tickets to Russia are not covered, but we may assist you in getting the best option for you for free, if it is requested.
Do you provide scholarships?
Unfortunately, there is not any scholarship provided to this project. We are working hard to decrease the price as much as we can to attract more people.
How can I get a discount?
There are some possibilities to receive a discount:

1. If you have the visa to Russia that allows you to travel on Trans-Siberian railway trip and is valid on the days of the upcoming trip, you may receive 50 EUR discount

2. Invite friends. For each person who becomes the official participant, you receive 50 EUR discount and an invited person receives the 50 EUR discount
How to apply for visa?
Academic mobility center will provide you with the 1 year visa invitation that guarantees you a 1 year humanitarian / cultural visa to Russia.
Where do I live during the project? How to contact you, if I have a special request for accommodation?
All participants of the project will be accommodated in four-bed compartments on trains and double occupancy in hotels with respect to gender equality and other human rights and intercultural features.

If you have a special request for accommodation, please contact us. All optional services require extra payment.
If I have any of limited mobility statuses, may I apply?
We encourage you to participate, even though you have any of limited mobility statuses. On behalf of 7trains, we guarantee that we will do our best to comfort you.
How to cancel my participation?
After we agree on all details and sign the service agreement, you will be asked to pay 990 EUR to confirm your participation. We will ask you to pay the other part of payment until April 15, 2020.

You may cancel your participation at any time you want, but, please, keep in mind that:

1. If you do not pay anything, you are free of charge to cancel your participation because it is not confirmed.

2. If you pay 990 EUR and then decide to cancel your participation, you may do it free of charge until February 15, 2020. Starting February 16, 2020 you will be reimbursed with only 50% of the sum.

3. If you fully pay for your trip, you can get reimbursement up to 75% until April 15, 2020. After this date, you cannot be reimbursed.

We respect all our clients, that's why all conditions of cancelation and reimbursements will be officially stated in the service agreement. In case of any forced cancelation such as health problems, death of a client or his/her relative, we will reimburse a client with the residual amount of service organisation.
What is included in trainings and educational courses?
7trains is an educational tourism program that includes short trainings on international communications, the Russian language, myths and legends as well as on youth work through non-formal learning.
What to bring with me for the trip?
Russia is a very unpredictable country. That's why it will be great if you take to you:

1. Warm clothes:
- Be ready to windy and sometimes cold weather. Although the trip is arranged for May, in some regions you can still find snow, and temperature degrees shown by weather apps can be deceptive.

2. Comfortable shoes
- It is highly recommended to bring comfortable and suitable shoes and clothes for walking and tours in nature.

3. Souvenirs from your country:
- Bring a piece of your country to Russia. It would be helpful for you to present your country, share some stories and even encourage people to visit your home country one day.

4. Other personal belongings:
- Russia is a safe country. Don't be afraid to take phones or cameras if you really need it for this trip.
- We also encourage you to take some personal medicaments to you if needed. Although in Russia you don't have to provide a medical receipt to buy headache pills, it doesn't mean it will be easy to find everything you need.
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